Hair care

First and foremost, always comb your hair gently to prevent breakage. Hair is at its weakest when Healthy-hair_Shutterstock400wet. So never brush your hair when wet. As far as possible let your hair dry naturally. Use dryers only when you are pressed for time or when you want to set them for an occasion. Detangle your hair before you wash it. Wet hair is very fragile so brush your hair thoroughly before getting into the shower.

Oiling and shampoos:

Oil your hair at least twice a week or for a day before washing. Oil really does wonders for your hair; coating each strand and making it shine. Besides oil massage also increases the circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth. Avoid using harsh shampoos and conditioners as they can harm your hair and make them dry. Tackle dandruff with good antidandruff shampoos. Most of all try to keep your hair clean and do not expose it to strong wind, dust and pollution….